White Stoneware Small Mug - Hakeme Collection – Zenful Pottery

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White Stoneware Small Mug - Hakeme Collection - Zenful Pottery
White Stoneware Small Mug - Hakeme Collection - Zenful Pottery
White Stoneware Small Mug - Hakeme Collection - Zenful Pottery

White Stoneware Small Mug - Hakeme Collection

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These handmade white mugs are a part of our Hakeme Collection. This collection is inspired by traditional Japanese ceramic techniques, bringing the beauty of the past into a modern kitchen. Neutral colors and classic forms create a minimalist design, while the unique glaze brushwork brings interest. Together, they create a subtle Japandi style for your table.

These mugs are great for serving just about anything! A respectable size, they hold just enough to savor every drop of coffee in the morning. They're also perfect for afternoon tea. A thin handle makes them comfortable to hold. They are dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing to keep the glaze shiny.

Not only are they stylish, they're also celebrating a part of ceramic history! Hakeme means "brush stroke" in Japanese, but the technique was used by both Japanese and Korean potters. By taking a dark clay and painting expensive white porcelain clay on top, they created an affordable style that is more interesting than porcelain alone. The white and dark contrasts beautifully, and the wild brush stokes make every piece unique.

Our full collection offers a complete table setting, allowing you to pick and choose the right pieces for your needs. Each piece is 100% handmade! From the clay formulation to the glaze itself, everything in our studio is made from scratch, which means they may vary a little in size and surface. We believe in the wabi philosophy that sometimes perfection is overrated, so those little variations from plate to plate are what give your home its own personality.

Is our inventory running low and you're looking for a different quantity than what's listed? Let us know! We can custom make any quantity for you.

Product Dimensions:

3" d x 3.5" h

Product Specifications:

Mugs are sold individually or in sets of 4.
Hold approximately 10 oz.
Material: Stoneware Body and Porcelain Paint.
Glaze: Clear Satin
Use: Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Food Safe

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