Our Process – Zenful Pottery

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Surrounded by a fast paced world of mass produced materials, we believe it's important to take the time to celebrate craftsmanship and mindfulness. Our design process starts with a simple idea or concept, and over months of careful labor and love, beautiful work begins to emerge.

1. Design

We start with a word or theme that inspires us, then create a design around that concept. Starting with sketches then moving to the wheel, we let the clay speak for itself as we work it into form. It may take a couple of trials before we get it right, but we want to make sure the work fully embodies that form, and that process can't be rushed. 

2. Forming

Every piece is made by hand, typically at the wheel, but sometimes from molds or sheets of wet clay. To increase production capacity, we make larger quantities of the same form at the same time, spending a full day making one form to help with shape consistency and size. At some point in the day, muscle memory starts to take over, the conscious mind turning off while the clay manifests itself at the wheel over and over again. This is our favorite part! 

3. Glazing


4. Firing


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