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Stain Palettes

Stains are colorants brushed on the surface to create color without glaze. The clay is left exposed, giving a rough, organic feel. Because the clay isn't glazed, these stains are only suitable for decorative surfaces.

Below are samples our studio washes on each clay we use. 

Studio Stains

153 240 259 306 308 710 760 Soldate
Iron 153_iron 240_iron 259_iron 306_iron 308_iron 710_iron 760_iron soldate_iron
Copper 153_copper 240_copper 306_copper 308_copper 710_copper 760_copper soldate_copper
Cobalt 153_cobalt 240_cobalt 259_cobalt 306_cobalt 308_cobalt 710_cobalt 760_cobalt soldate_cobalt
Manganese 153_manganese 240_manganese 259_manganese 306_manganese 308_manganese 710_manganese 760_manganese soldate_manganese
Chrome 153_chrome 240_chrome 259_chrome 306_chrome 308_chrome 710_chrome 760_chrome soldate_chrome
Titanium 153_titanium 240_titanium 259_titanium 306_titanium 308_titanium 710_titanium 760_titanium soldate_titanium
Tin 153_tin 240_tin 259_tin 306_tin 308_tin 710_tin 760_tin soldate_tin
Nickel 240_nickel 306_nickel 308_nickel 710_nickel 760_nickel soldate_nickel
Rutile 153_rutile 240_rutile 259_rutile 306_rutile 308_rutile 710_rutile 760_rutile soldate_rutile

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