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​Zenful Pottery Glaze Library

You have the vision, we have the skill. Whether it be completely designed by you, or a variation on our established forms, this collection of glazes outlines every option available for collaborative work.


Base Glazes

All our glazes are derived from one of these base glazes below. Clicking on the glaze link will bring you to the page showing existing colors we've formulated, but if you have a specific color in mind, we can also work towards it!

Different glazes are going to be recommended depending on the function of the finished piece. Some glazes are functional, fully useable in the kitchen, whereas others are decorative, only to be used on exterior surfaces. Specific glaze information is outlined below.

Base Glazes

153 240 259 306 308 710 760 Soldate


153_Stone 240_stone 259_stone 306_stone 308_stone 710_stone 760_stone sol_stone
HC 153_HC 240_hc 259_hc
308_hc 710_hc 760_hc sol_hc
Craze 153_craze 240_craze 259_craze 308_craze 710_craze 760_craze sol_craze
High Gloss 153_high_gloss 240_high_gloss 240_high_gloss 306_high_gloss 308_high_gloss 710_high_gloss 760_high_gloss sol_high_gloss
Opalescent 153_opalescent 240_opalescent 259_opalescent 306_opalescent 308_opalescent 710_opalescent 760_opalescent sol_opalescent
Satin Celadon 153_satin_celadon 240_satin_celadon 259_satin_celadon 306_satin_celadon 308_satin_celadon 710_satin_celadon 760_satin_celadon sol_satin_celadon

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