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The Work

Perfectly Imperfect: Minimalism Meets Elegance.

Believing in the wabi sabi philosophy of things being perfect exactly how they are, we aim to make work that highlights the innate beauty of the ceramic medium. Instead of dressing it up with complex color and detail, we aim to make work that is complex in its simplicity, emphasizing the organic nature of the materials. By keeping it simple, we hope that interacting with our work gives you the space to just be, creating a zen retreat in the middle of your day.

Our work features organic lines and a natural palette, with a hint of sparkle to celebrate the beauty of every day. We strive to make work that is equally suited for your daily table as well as a formal dinner party, since we believe every moment can be a celebration.

Fired at a high temperature and coated with reliable glazes, these pieces are designed for durability. You can be confident that the pieces you bring into your life is there to last!


The Artist

Danielle Baghernejad, Techie Turned Ceramicist.

Danielle Baghernejad has always been drawn to creative outlets, but didn't give herself the space to explore it seriously until her late 20s. Feeling burnout from a corporate tech career, she knew she needed a change, but didn't know quite how to go about it. That all changed the moment she sat at a pottery wheel. The physical aspect of the medium, being able to directly interact with her work, not to mention the pure magic that happens in the kiln itself, everything clicked and she just knew: this is what she was meant to do

Ever since that beautiful moment, she's dedicated herself to growing her ceramic art. Wanting to bring that sense of peace and self awareness to others, she started Zenful Pottery with the goal of making handmade ceramics accessible to a wider audience.

The Studio

Located in Nashville, TN, we are currently operating out of a small home studio, with plans to expand to a larger space in the next few years.

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